Restock Dates


Pots: Monday May 30th at 6pm!!!

This drop will be all one-offs, so no two pots will be the same.

I will be dropping my new stand-up mirrors!! I will also be including in the drop:

- 15 Marbled Whale Shark tea-light candle holder
- One-Off cow-boys
- 15 One-off big Ponky wall mirrors 
- One-off Ponky stand up mirrors (NEW)
- One of a kind devils
- A limited amount of Marbled Dishes (Flowers & Hearts)
- One of a kind bowls
- Lots of marbled and one of a kind lil pots 
- 6 unique house incense holders 
- 6 one-off cow gals
- limited one of a kind frog tea light candle holders
- limited amounts of fruits candle holders (lemons & oranges) 


Giant Pots: not sure yet!


Illustrated coasters: not sure yet!


Earrings: In stock


Illustrated Trays: Not sure yet!


T-Shirts: In Stock, Once they're gone, they're gone! 


Prints: In Stock


Custom/ Commission Pots: Currently closed! Email:


Custom Pet Coasters: Currently closed! Email: