PonkyWots is an independant store established in August 2020, creating all things bright, colourful and full of fun. PonkyWots are quirky and colourful hand-made pottery, with a focus on head planters, plant pots with faces / face pots. 
All PonkyWots are hand-made with love, by me, Jade Groves.
I recently graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with a first degree honours in illustration and animation. I love stop-motion animation, in which I create puppets (small figures like Wallace and Gromit etc) to create a moving animation. This is where PonkyWots stemmed from! I love sculpting faces and creating characters and I wanted another outlet to do so. Over summer 2019 I worked at a summer school, the hours were all over the place and I needed something to fill the gaps, so I got some clay and began make little egg cup characters.I am hoping that in the future I can combine my animation skills within PonkyWots! 
If you would like to see more of my illustration/animation work feel free to check out my animation instagram @groveyanimation or my website jadegrovesanimation.myportfolio.com 
I live in Margate in Kent (UK) and I'm very fortunate to make the pots in my little workshop in my garden! 
 I am proud to be from a working class background and I am very proud of my accomplishments so far in my pottery journey! Before I started PonkyWots I had many jobs that definitely were not for me, I did paper rounds, I was a maid, a bartender, and also worked in many various retail jobs to stay afloat (too many to count lol). I bought a bag of clay and never looked back! I am so happy to now be spending every day doing a creative job that I love and suits me and my personality. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to be where I am right now, which is all down to you!
Thank you to every one of you who supports me, it makes a huge difference and I am eternally grateful. 
© ® Jade Groves. My designs are protected through the IPO (Gov) in which the designs are trademarked. Please do not recreate, reproduce or sell my products as your own. This is illegal. Stealing my designs also causes great stress and upset for me personally, so please don't do this! My products are also protected via government copyright laws. 
Please check the Shipping Guide, F & Q' S page and the care guide to find out more about the products! 
(This is me and my beloved cow gal) 
Sending you lots of love and good (Ponky) vibes x0x