How can I get a PonkyWot before they sell out? 

- Make an account with your details filled in, so that you can checkout faster.

- Turn on post notifications so that you can see the latest updates.

- Turn on my story countdowns when I release dates and times of my drops.

- Know which items you would like to buy and add them to your basket ready.

- I cannot reserve items before sales, as this would be unfair. 

- Be there or be square! ;-)


 didn't receive a confirmation email, what do I do?

CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM MAIL! Sometimes confirmation emails don't always come through, however your order and payment is always visible to me - so don't worry! Please check your spam or junk mail as sometimes they get incorrectly sorted. You can also check if the payment has gone through, if it has, it is likely that your pot is already on its way to you! I have never had an experience in which a payment has gone through without receiving the order on this end. If you are worried, you can always email helloponkywots@gmail.com to double check. 


How long does it take to get a response via Email or DM?

I will usually respond within a few days, but sometimes this can be to 7 working days. If you would like a quicker response please email helloponkywots@gmail.com for enquiries regarding your order or commissions, rather than DM as I check my emails very frequently! Email ponkywots@gmail.com for any other enquiries. DM on instagram can get lost, so please email if you haven't received a response yet. Hopefully this F&Q can answer many of your questions. Thank you :-) 


Why isn't my pot 100% perfect - what to expect from a PonkyWot: 

All Pots are completely hand-made, I am not a robot and Ponkywots are not a manufactured product, so therefore are not like your standard pot you may buy from a superstore. If you are looking for a perfect pot... you are in the wrong place!

Some things you can expect from a PonkyWot can include: Tiny air bubbles, little cracks inside and a wobbly texture. The colours can also vary from the images shown as all paints and tints are hand-mixed, so colours can appear lighter or darker than shown. None of which detract from their charm and beauty. Each is completely unique and this makes your experience personal and individual to you - you are the only one in the whole world with a pot just like yours. 

I would never send out a pot that I myself would not fall in love with!!

You can check out some pots on my stories and highlights on instagram which display photos sent in from customers! This can help to understand what to expect!


How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?

Check product description/ banner at the top of the website, PonkyWots usually dispatches within 7 working days. 

Please note dispatch is different to a delivery date, this means the date in which I will ship your item and not the date it will arrive. 

All items are hand-made by me, which is reflected in the dispatch time. If you need an item for a certain date, feel free to contact me so that I can ensure the order is fulfilled in time for you!


How do I order a commission or custom pot?

Commissions are now CLOSED. Thank you.

Have a browse through the different options available under the commissions and custom section. Drop me an email at ponkywots@gmail.com or message @ponkywots and let me know your thoughts and ideas. I can then check that your commission will be possible and you can go on to placing an order via the website. 


How much will a commissioned / custom pot cost? 

A standard custom pot is £60. This includes pet portraits, celebrities, members of the family/friends and so on. This also includes specific design choices such as a certain pattern/colours/features. 


How big are the pots?

Each pot varies as they are completely made by hand. However I always aim to make them the perfect size to fit small succulents and cacti. They are also the perfect height for keeping pens/pencils etc! Below are some rough measurements. 

Large pots are 13cm X 10cm X 13cm

Devil pots are 12cm X 12cm 11cm

Standard pots (cloudy, patchwork, cow-print, house on the hill, mushroom etc) are 11cm X 11cm x 10cm

Dishes are 15cm X 15cm X 3cm

Cow-boy pots are 9cm X 9cm X 9cm (not including hat) 

Cow-Gals are 9.5cm X 9cm X 9cm  (not including hat) 

Lil' pots are 8.5cm high X 8cm wide

Houses are 10cm X 7cm X 8cm (Roof is 11.5cm X 9cm X 5.5cm)

Vases are 13.5cm X 9.5cm X 9.5cm

Lemons are 11.5cm X 7.5cm X 6cm

Hanging pots are 11.5cm X 9cm X 11.5cm (String length is roughly 30cm)


What postal service do you use?

Royal Mail tracked24 or tracked48. PonkyWots uses this service to ensure your items are not lost during shipping. 

For larger international orders PonkyWots also uses: UPS, DPD, FedEx & Parcel force. They are all tracked so I can check on your order.  


Where do I get a tracking number?

You will get a tracking number automatically once your PonkyWots has been shipped. The tracking number for all UK orders will be from Royal Mail. Tracking numbers for international orders will also be from Royal Mail, unless your order is heavier than 2kg (around 2 pots/4 fruits etc) then the tracking number will be from ParcelForce and will also be sent automatically to your email. Please check your spam/junk folder. If you did not receive a tracking number email helloponkywots@gmail.com.


I am unhappy with my order, can I get a refund?

I am sorry if you are unhappy with your order, unfortunately I cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Every item is made with love, care and lots of time. Every item is hand-made and therefore any wonkiness only adds charm and character, each pot is individual to you. Please note that some pots may have small air bubbles, particularly on the bottom, but this does not detract from their beauty!

You are the only one in the world with a pot just like yours! All products are made to the best of my ability and of the highest quality. 

Pots are fully packed with recyclable/biodegradable bubblewrap & shredded paper to keep them safe on their journey to their new home. Any damages during postage are the responsibility of the postal service and any issues should be taken up with the service, however I will always send out a replacement if this is the case.  Please get in touch via ponkywots@gmail.com if you have any concerns. 


Are the pots ceramic? 

PonkyWots are not ceramic. The pots are made with jesmonite which is a really strong, water resistant, heat-proof and shatter resistant material, much like ceramic and finished with a gloss to give a ceramic look. It will last forever and has a gorgeous weight creating a real luxury feel! The pots are waterproof and so you can plant into them, but please do not scrub the paint work on the outside of the pot! 

Please check the care guide for more information! 


Can I put a plant in them? 

YES! The pots are waterproof so you can plant into them. They are best suited to drier plants. Please avoid getting the paintwork wet & do not scrub at the paint, if it gets dirty, gently wipe clean with a damp cloth. 


Is the packaging recyclable/ eco-friendly? 

PonkyWots feels very passionately about the environment, all packaging is fully recyclable. The boxes are cardboard and can be recycled, along with the shredded paper and bubble-wrap inside and pink tissue paper. 

Green bubble-wrap= biodegradable 

Pink bubble-wrap= recyclable 

The packing peanuts are non-toxic and dissolve in water, so chuck them in the sink and they will disappear!!


 Can I gift wrap my items? 

All items are packed with pink bubble-wrap and pink tissue paper, which makes them very appealing and so are ready to send as gifts!

I do not include any invoices within the parcels. 

All custom/commission products are packed with my Noisuee tissue paper which is a beautifully illustrated wrap! 

 If you would like to add a message to your order, you could buy one of my illustrated cards & I can add your message in for you! 


Is the metal in your earrings nickel free?

Cowboy earrings may contain nickel, but you can upgrade to sterling 925 silver for an extra £2. 


How are prices decided? 

PonkyWots is ran solely by yours truly! I want to keep my prices as 'affordable' as possible. Every item takes a lot of time, a lot of resources/materialsI put a lot of love and passion into every single item. When deciding on a price, there are many variables I have to consider, such as: material costs, website fees, PayPal fees, the cost of running a website, taxes, packaging (the price of postage is in line with Royal Mail and I often loose money on shipping), paying myself a fair liveable wage, equipment costs, deliveries to the post office and more. I hope that you feel my prices are fair & although my products may be more than a superstore, they have much more charm, personality and are handmade with love. 


How heavy are the earrings?

The earrings are extremely light and do not hang heavy on your ears as they are made with polymer clay. I have had many reviews commenting on how light they feel to wear! 


Who makes the PonkyWots and where are they made?  

I am a one-person band and make them in my little garden workshop in Margate, United Kingdom. Read the 'about me' page to find out more, or go to my instagram!  


What are PonkyWots?

PonkyWots are cute, quirky, unusual and colourful plant pots with faces, the name PonkyWots is a play on words for 'wonky pots' as when I first started.. they were quite wonky!